Casa Bernabé LIFE EXPERIENCE Initiative


We recently had the privilege of spending a week with kids and staff at Casa Bernabé in Guatemala City.  Casa Bernabé is a beautiful 13-acre campus near Guatemala City that is home to more than 130 children.  Casa Bernabé Ministries is changing the way vulnerable children are handled in Guatemala.  Most children have come from broken homes, and are victims of abandonment, neglect or abuse. My heart was forever changed over the course of the week as we poured ourselves into the orphanage and school. I was burdened for these kids, especially the older ones, in ways that I never anticipated. (Read the story of how my heart was completely wrecked by one child in particular and how God answers prayers in the most wonderfully unexpected ways.)

The stories and statistics that we shared before our trip now have names and faces and little bodies that have hugged me and laughed at my inability to speak Spanish well (or at all.)  We came home wanting to do something different, to really love on these kids in a profound and unique way.

 We have found that opportunity in a program called “Love Outside The Walls.”

The Zoo.  A Roller Coaster.  A Waterslide.  A Fast Food Restaurant.

For the kids at Casa Bernabe, these are once-in-a-lifetime experiences. With both school and home located on this 13 acre campus there the children rarely, if ever, have opportunity to leave the grounds. McDonalds and Taco Bell are unparalleled treats.

To be able to bring this kind of joy into the life of a child who has already suffered so much makes my heart absolutely burst.  So, in addition to our continued committment to meeting the everyday needs of the staff and children at Casa Bernabe we are busting out of the walls! We are going to laugh and make memories and love on these kids like they have never before experienced!  We would love to have you join us!