In Guatemala, 75% of the population lives below the poverty line. There are an estimated 20,000 children living in orphanages and at least 6,000 more live in the streets of Guatemala City alone. Gang culture, chronic malnutrition, poor education and lack of resources prevent countless Guatemalans from rising above their oppressed condition.

The Guatemala City Garbage Dump is the largest dump in Central America. About 500 tons of trash are dumped in it each day, and the 11,000 people who live and work in and near the dump rely on that garbage to survive.

Dignifying jobs are hard to come by for the poor. We want to help by providing emerging entrepreneurs with loans in cooperation with a local ministry with their feet on the ground in the Guatemala City Dump area. These loans will empower the recipients to invest in their businesses, experience growth and thus provide for their families, making it possible to break the poverty cycle, keeping them and their children from having to scavenge in the dump.   In addition, small business owners will be provided with financial resources and guidance; enabling them to grow their business and increase their income. All it takes is $130 to completely transform life for an individual or a family. Our goal is to provide 5 micro-business loans.  Will you consider partnering with us on this?

Lasting change comes when the community itself is empowered to make changes for their own growth.